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Breast cancer is the commonest cancer among females all over the world. Facilities for management of breast cancer are available in Pune. Dr. Amit Parasnis is one of the best for Breast Cancer Treatment in Pune, and he performs surgery for breast cancer at various hospitals in Pune. Additional therapy for the treatment of breast cancer is available at various hospitals where Dr. Parasnis consults. Breast cancer can be cured if detected early and treated properly. Removal of the breast or mastectomy, Breast conservative surgery and breast reconstructive surgery are the options available for Breast Cancer Treatment in Pune.

It is important to remember to complete the entire prescribed treatment for best results in Breast Cancer. It must be remembered that all lumps in the breast are not breast cancer. There are various types of benign tumors, inflammatory lesions, and cysts seen in breasts of younger women. Having these lumps do not increase the chances of a woman getting breast cancer.

Dr. Parasnis is a skilled cancer surgeon for Breast Cancer Treatment in Pune, who treats patients from Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Ahmednagar, Solapur, Konkan and from all over India. Sometimes, the help of plastic surgeons is taken to achieve the best cosmetic outcomes in breast cancer. Various locoregional flaps (tissue transposition) or prosthetic implants can be used for reconstruction in breast cancer.

Early detection of breast cancer is achieved by Mammography which is a special XRay of the breast. Mammography is also used as a screening modality for a population that is at high risk for breast cancer. Although mammography can detect breast cancer even before it can be felt by the patient or the doctor, this investigation cannot be used in ladies below the age of 40 years. For imaging of lumps suspicious for Breast Cancer in women below the age of 40 years, MRI breast which can be a useful modality.

A small percentage of breast cancer patients carry a genetic defect that can be transmitted into the next generation. We provide Breast Cancer Treatment in Pune and offer Special tests and prophylactic surgery can be offered to such patients who may be more prone to developing breast cancer.

Having a close relative with breast cancer increases the chances of a woman getting the disease herself, but that does not mean that she will have breast cancer. It is a misconception that breast cancer will grow if a biopsy is done. On the contrary, it is not possible to effectively treat Breast Cancer if it is not properly diagnosed in the first place. Dr. Amit Parasnis provides facilities for Breast Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis in Pune. While the exact cause of breast cancer remains unknown, maintaining proper body weight by a balanced diet and exercise may prove helpful in preventing breast cancer.

Dr. Amit Parasnis is a well-trained and experienced cancer surgeon for Breast Cancer treatment in Pune who provides rational and ethical treatment for cancer and strives to achieve best oncological outcomes.