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Breast cancer is the commonest cancer in females all over the world and there has been a large amount of research which has been done in this field. Over the past few decades, breast conservation surgery has been successfully used in the treatment of breast cancer.

If there is single cancer in the breast and the patient is willing to undergo radiotherapy, breast conservation surgery can be considered.

It would be prudent to note that the basic tenet of breast conservation surgery in preserving body image and achieving good cosmesis without compromising on the oncological safety of the surgical procedure.

It is important that the patient and the family fully understand the nature of the treatment and the consequences before consenting for breast conservation surgery.

Mammography or MRI of the breast is essential imaging modalities before breast conservation surgery can be considered as a treatment for breast cancer.

It must be understood that breast conservation surgery includes wide excision of the tumor and axillary lymph node dissection of some form followed by adjuvant radiotherapy.

After receiving radiotherapy after breast conservation surgery, there may be a change in the consistency of the breast. The radiated breast feels a little firmer and there might be some tingling or pain on the inner aspect of the arm after breast conservation surgery. These are minor side effects and they are not very troublesome.

It is imperative to note that even though breast conservation surgery is done by our Breast Conservation Surgeon in Pune, the patient may require additional chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and hormonal therapy as a treatment for breast cancer.

If Breast conservation surgery is done for a patient by our expert Breast Conservation Surgeon in Pune, it does not mean that additional therapy for breast cancer can be avoided..

Generally speaking, breast conservation surgery gives equivalent results when compared with mastectomy as far as cancer survival is concerned, with an additional advantage of better cosmesis and improved or maintained body image.

Depending on the size of the tumor and size of the breast, additional reconstructive procedures like flaps or implants can be done along with breast conservation surgery.

As the outcomes of breast cancer become better and better, it is logical that most women should opt for breast conservation surgery whenever it is feasible, since it helps them to maintain a healthy body image and enables them to lead normal personal and social lives.

Dr. Amit Parasnis is a well-trained Breast Conservation Surgeon in Pune and tries to achieve better cosmesis and organ preservation by doing breast conservative surgery whenever it is feasible and oncologically safe.

Dr. Amit Parasnis is a well-trained and experienced cancer surgeon for Breast Conservation Surgeon in Pune who provides rational and ethical treatment for cancer and strives to achieve best oncological outcomes.