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The large intestine or large bowel is also called the colon and it consists of different parts like right colon, transverse colon, left colon, sigmoid colon, and rectum.

Removal of any part of the colon is called colectomy and removal of right or left colon is termed as right or left hemicolectomy respectively.

Common indications for removal of colon or Hemicolectomy include cancer, tuberculosis, multiple polyps, and multiple diverticula with inflammation and infection.

Depending upon the nature of indication, condition of the patient, and availability of resources, a colectomy or Hemicolectomy Surgery in Pune can be done by the open surgical technique or by the laparoscopic technique.

After removal of a part of the colon, the adjoining segments are joined back together either by handsewn or stapled anastomosis.

Even though a part of the colon is removed in Hemicolectomy, it will have a very small impact on the digestive process and bowel habits of the person. It is when large parts of the colon are removed, that the patient will have to make significant lifestyle and dietary changes in order to cope up with the altered bowel habits and digestive abilities.

After a hemicolectomy or colectomy, the bowel ends which are brought together have to heal by a natural process. If they fail to heal or if the healing is predicted to be problematic, a diversion colostomy is done to prevent the complications of anastomotic leakage.

With the advent of minimal access techniques, better energy sources, better stapling and anesthetic techniques, Hemicolectomy Surgery in Pune has become a very safe surgery.

A patient who requires hemicolectomy is admitted to the hospital a day prior to surgery and given medicines to cleanse the bowels. Depending upon the surgery performed and the general condition of the patient, approximately five to seven days are required for the patient to get discharged from the hospital after a Hemicolectomy.

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