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Cancer of the ovary is a disease affecting the females over the age of 40-45 years. There can be other ovarian tumors which can be seen in females of younger age.

Most patients of Cancer ovary will present as vague abdominal pain and digestive complaints. Some patients may present with gradual distension of the abdomen over 2-3 months due to the expanding size of the tumor or because of fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity i.e Ascites.

CA 125 is a tumor marker that is found in blood and it is used in assessing the response to Ovarian Cancer Treatment and diagnosing recurrent disease in patients of Cancer Ovary.

Primary peritoneal cancer presents and is treated like that of Cancer Ovary. Detection of cancer cells in peritoneal fluid and abdominopelvic imaging by CT scan or MRI are the essential investigations for diagnosing Cancer Ovary. After adequate investigation ovarian cancer treatment is instituted in the form of chemotherapy and / or Surgery.

Ovarian Cancer Treatment in Pune in the form of removal of the uterus with both tubes and ovaries, removal of pelvic lymph nodes, and removal of omentum is the preferred treatment in the early stage of Cancer Ovary. Once ascites have developed, initially, chemotherapy is administered to reduce the burden of disease, and then the surgery: 'Interval Cytoreduction' is done. This will be followed by further chemotherapy.

Prognosis in Cancer Ovary will depend on the stage of the disease and response to chemotherapy.

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