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Cancer of the esophagus can present commonly after the age of 40 years. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy are the mainstays of treatment in cancer esophagus. Open surgery by thoracotomy and laparotomy was previously done in cancer esophagus.

Presently most surgeries for cancer esophagus can be done by Thoracoscopy and laparoscopy. In thoracoscopy, a high definition camera and long thoracoscopic instruments are introduced in the thorax by 10mm ports and surgery for cancer esophagus is done.

Surgery of cancer esophagus, when done by Thoracoscopic surgery in Pune, becomes less morbid and there are fewer chances of post-operative complications.

Early recovery of pulmonary function and early mobilization is possible after Thoracoscopic surgery in Pune for cancer esophagus.

In thoracoscopic surgery for esophageal cancer, the size of the incisions remains very small and hence there is significantly less post-operative pain.

Thoracoscopic surgery in Pune for cancer esophagus can be even more refined after techniques like 3-D cameras and robotic techniques have been available.

Surgery for cancer esophagus which may be perceived as difficult after receiving primary chemoradiation may prove to be less complicated because of the use of thoracoscopic techniques.

The use of thoracoscopy for surgery of cancer esophagus has been studied in various clinical trials and has been proven to be as effective as open surgery and less morbid than open surgery.

Thoracoscopy in cancer esophagus is very safe and does not require any change in the anesthetic techniques.

When cancer esophagus is treated by thoracoscopic surgery, the blood loss is less and the healing is speedier and better.

Dr. AmitParasnis has done a fellowship in Thoracic Surgery at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai and at National Cancer Centre, Tokyo. He has been performing Thoracoscopic surgery in Pune for cancer esophagus for the last several years with good results.

Dr. Amit Parasnis is a well-trained and experienced cancer surgeon for Thoracoscopic surgery in Pune who provides rational and ethical treatment for cancer and strives to achieve best oncological outcomes.