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The thyroid is a shield-shaped bilobed organ situated in the anterior part of the neck and it is important is maintaining the metabolism of the body.

Thyroidectomy Surgery in Pune is the suggested treatment for thyroid disorders, namely multinodular goiter and thyroid cancer.

The different types of thyroid cancer in which total thyroidectomy is recommended include papillary cancer, follicular cancer, and medullary cancer.

In selected thyroid cancer cases, removal of one half of thyroid i.e. hemithyroidectomy can suffice as the treatment of the malignancy.

In cases where there is a significant, multinodular, and long-standing enlargement of the thyroid, total thyroidectomy is required to be done even though there is no malignancy. Such a step is taken to avoid recurrence of the disease process in the residual thyroid which has been left behind.

Recurrent laryngeal nerves that are responsible for vocal cord mobility and parathyroid glands which are responsible for calcium metabolism in the body are identified and protected while doing total thyroidectomy. Temporary voice change and temporary low calcium levels are the problems that may be encountered after total thyroidectomy as a result of temporary ischemia or injury to these organs.

Thyroidectomy Surgery in Pune may be accompanied by central neck dissection or modified neck dissection if the spread of malignancy to the lymph nodes is suspected.

Thyroidectomy Surgery in Pune is done through a small incision in the lower neck which leaves a very thin and insignificant scar after complete healing. It does not affect the cosmesis of the patient.

Alternative techniques like endoscopic total thyroidectomy or robotic total thyroidectomy can also be used, but they are not recommended in thyroid malignancy.

In certain thyroid cancers, patients will have to undergo a radioactive iodine test and treatment after undergoing Thyroidectomy Surgery in Pune in order to ablate any residual cancer tissue in the neck or anywhere else in the body.

Dr. Amit Parasnis is a well-trained and experienced cancer surgeon for Thyroidectomy Surgery in Pune who provides rational and ethical treatment for cancer and strives to achieve best oncological outcomes.