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By definition, tumor means growth or swelling of any kind. Although there can be the formation of swelling or lump where there is an infection, inflammation or trauma, the term tumor is reserved for cases where there is an abnormal growth of cells forming a mass.

When a tumor is formed in the superficial areas of the body, an idea about the nature and pathology of the tumor can be drawn by inspecting, palpating and testing the tumor. However, if the tumor is formed in the internal organs or at such a place in the body which cannot be easily seen or felt, then imaging of any kind in the form of Ultrasonography, XRay, CT scan or MRI which will help in characterizing the tumor and understanding the relation of the tumor with its surrounding organs or body structures. Tumors Specialist in Pune is the best way to look for.

A tumor is said to be benign when the cells forming the tumor do not lose their normal characteristics, the tumor grows to a limited size and it does not spread to any other organ in the body. When the cells in a tumor do not respond to normal rules of cell division, differentiation and cell death and when they behave uncontrollably and spread to other organs in the body, the tumor is said to be malignant or cancerous. Such a tumor has a tendency to invade local adjoining structures and spread to various locations in the body like lymph nodes, liver, bones, lungs, and brain. Look for Tumors Specialist in Pune for the treatment.

For benign tumors, surgical excision by the Tumors Specialist in Pune is the treatment of choice. For malignant tumors or cancers, multiple modalities of treatments like surgical excision, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc may be required.

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