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The principle of surgical oncology or treatment of surgically resectable cancers is based on the performance of wide excision of the tumor. It is also termed as wide local excision or radical excision.

The essential technique to do wide excision of a tumor is to remove a rim of normal tissue approximately 0.5-1 cm around the tumor which will ensure that the margins of the excised specimen are free of tumor.

Cancer often spreads circumferentially in its surrounding tissues and it is important to take this fact into consideration while doing Tumour Surgery in Pune.

If there are other structures like skin, muscle, or bone which come within the frame of the tumor, then these structures may have to be removed partially or completely to achieve wide excision of the tumor.

The lymph nodes draining the tumor basin also have to be addressed at the time of doing a wide excision of the tumor.

Appropriate reconstruction to improve functional and cosmetic outcomes will be required to be done after the wide excision of the tumor.

Additional adjuvant Treatment in the form of chemotherapy and radiotherapy may have to be given after performing wide excision of the tumor to improve local control and overall survival.

After doing a wide excision of the tumor, the pathologist typically reports the margins if the specimen being free of tumor and that is evidence of the completeness of resection.

Wide excision or Tumour Surgery in Pune is especially important in tumors of the head and neck and breast cancers, where adequate tissue needs to be excised for correct oncological treatment of the tumor, but excess excision will lead to loss of function, cosmesis, and change in appearance.

In situations like rectal cancer, while doing wide excision of the tumor, the circumferential margins of the tumor, which are in connection with the pelvic organs and pelvic walls, are as important as the mucosal margins. It is important to get wide margins in all three dimensions of the malignant tumor.

Dr. Amit Parasnis is a trained Cancer Surgeon who understands the importance of wide excision of the tumor in oncological completeness of the resection of the malignant tumor at various locations.

Dr. Amit Parasnis is a well-trained and experienced cancer surgeon for Tumour Surgery in Pune who provides rational and ethical treatment for cancer and strives to achieve best oncological outcomes.