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15 June 2020


A biopsy of the cancerous tissue will cause spreading or metastasis of the cancer.

Fact: A biopsy will help in the diagnosis and characterisation of the cancer and will be helpful in deciding the treatment of cancer. This will not spread the cancer in any way.

कॅन्सर विषयी चे समज आणि गैरसमज - २

बायोप्सी केल्याने किंवा तुकडा काढल्यामुळे कॅन्सर पसरतो.

तथ्य: बायोप्सी मुळे कॅन्सर चे निदान होते व कॅन्सर चा प्रकार कळतो. यामुळे कॅन्सर च्या उपचाराची दिशा ठरविता येते. याच्यामुळे कॅन्सर पसरत नाही.

10 June 2020

Whether to lockdown or Unlock?
Whether asymptomatic carriers infect or not?
Does this medicine work or that?
Let us get away from all these questions and come back to basics. While science deciphers the answers to the Coronavirus Conundrum, it would be prudent to practise the basic tenets of good health and sanity.

  • 1. Nutritious diet and daily exercise.
  • 2. Keep distance from others and stop working if you are feeling unwell.
  • 3. Take vitamin C and D supplements after consulting your doctor.
  • 4. Maintain social distancing in all your activities.
  • 5. Stay away from listening to and spreading misinformation.
  • 6. Consulting your doctor for any symptoms (Not only corona-related) lasting for more than a week.

Taking care of oneself goes a long way in taking care of the society.

Dr Amit Parasnis
Consultant Cancer Surgeon -

08 June 2020

Myths and Facts about Cancer - 1.
Let us discuss some notions about cancer and understand if they are true or not.
MYTH: Cancer is one disease.
FACT: Cancer is a group of diseases with a similar pathology which can affect different organs. The presentation and treatment of each of these cancers may be different.

कॅन्सर: समज आणि गैरसमज
कॅन्सर विषयीच्या काही संकल्पना समजून घेऊ या.
गैरसमज: कॅन्सर हा एकच रोग आहे
तथ्य: कॅन्सर हा रोग विविध अवयवांमध्ये होऊ शकतो. या प्रत्येक कॅन्सर ची लक्षणे व उपचार वेगवेगळे असू शकतात.

03 June 2020

Sometimes wind and sometimes rain, Then the sun comes back again.. Viruses, locusts, cyclones.... The cycles of nature continue to torment man...and man continues to endure.. Diet, exercise, health, illness, treatment and well-being is also such a cycle. Let us not forget that today on World Bicycle Day!

31 may 2020

World 'No Tobacco' Day.
Would you say yes to something which will kill you slowly but surely by capturing you into its addictive claws? Say No to all kinds of Tobacco, the first time and everytime...

29 may 2020

On International 'Everest' Day 29th May, here are some thoughts for everyone.

May the journey towards your goal begin at a beautiful juncture like Namché Bazaar, with fellow travellers with similar interests and soaking up the breathtaking views in the distance. May you overcome adversities as hazardous and treacherous like the Khumbu Icefall and the Hillary Step. May your exhilaration after reaching the Pinnacle be shared with your fellow campaigners who laboured along with you and supported you along the journey.

Keep sharing, keep caring!!

28 may 2020

International Day for Action for Women's Health is on 28th May. Although 'Women Empowerment' is used as a cliche in our country, we must be aware that it is exactly the thing needed for our country.

A healthy and enlightened woman can uplift the family, the society and the nation. Let no woman be denied of her rights and privileges. It is time to create a world where the woman will not have to keep proclaiming that which is rightfully hers. A healthy and caring woman is the backbone of our society.

27 may 2020

While the world debates on the role of HCQs in COVID treatment and prophylaxis, one thing remains constant. Early detection of symptoms and institution of standard treatment is of paramount importance in getting best results..Likewise for cancer!!

25 may 2020

World Thyroid Day is being observed on 25th May and this week is designated as Thyroid Awareness Week. Let us remember a few things about thyroid. Hypo and Hyperthyroidism are disorders of thyroid function and are mostly treated with medication. Long standing thyroid enlargement is called as Goitre and it will require surgical management. Most thyroid cancers are slow-growing and less aggressive and will be cured by surgical treatment. Thyroid surgery is safe, non-mutilating and has very less chances of permanent morbidity.

22 may 2020

On World Biodiversity day today, India is facing the dual challenge of handling the Pandemic as well as the fury of the Amphan Cyclone. Let us all do our bit by sharing and caring for self and others.

18 may 2020

Lockdown 4.0 is here. Let us take this opportunity to practise living in a better way and let us get used to the 'New Normal'. Social distancing and exercising precautions in social life is nothing but caring for others along with caring for self. Keep caring, keep sharing !!

15 may 2020

We have to live in a changed world, where human contact and human activities would be restricted. However, that does not stop us from doing essential things. The Pandemic would probably wipe out the hazardous practices in the society and retain the better ones. Who knows, the 'New Normal' may not be so different than the 'Old Normal' once the world gets used to living with the virus. Healthcare and Medicine would change its ways of functioning, but the basic tenets of care and service would remain constant.

12 may 2020

Lockdown cannot continue indefinitely. Life goes on and the same is true for life - saving surgeries. As India prepares to gradually get on with the 'New Normal', we continue to offer treatment for cancer and doing Cancer Surgeries after taking care that surgical areas are seggregated from the infected ones and adequate care is available to operated patients. Let the Covid Pandemic not prevent you from receiving adequate and accurate treatment for your other Non-Covid ailments.

4 may 2020

The COVID pandemic and the changed social situation has created problems for everyday living. Although it is important to ensure that COVID patients get adequate care and medical support, it is also imperative to remember that patients having other illnesses should also receive the necessary treatment during this period.

Cancer is such an illness that delay in diagnosis or treatment can adversely affect the outcome. Guidelines from various Cancer Associations and Societies suggest that treatment for cancer should be initiated in a safe manner during this Pandemic.

As the lockdowns over the world are gradually relaxed and the world starts returning to normal, treatment for cancer can be availed by needy patients.

Dr. Amit Parasnis has been available for consultation and surgery at his designated places throughout this Pandemic and will continue to do so.