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Radical cholecystectomy refers to complete en bloc excision of the gallbladder, gallbladder fossa, and the node-bearing tissues within the hepatoduodenal ligament and adjacent liver to a depth of at least 2 cm.

Radical Cholecystectomy Surgery in Pune is done for Gall Bladder cancer.

Risk factors for developing Gallbladder Cancer are Cholelithiasis, Porcelain gallbladder, adenomatous polyps of the gallbladder, chronic Salmonella typhi infection, carcinogens, and abnormal pancreaticobiliary duct junction.

Symptoms of Gall bladder cancer include vague pain in the upper abdomen, lumpy feeling, and sometimes the patient may present with jaundice.

CT scan of the abdomen, an image-guided biopsy of the lesion, PET CT scan, and liver function tests are some of the investigations required to be done for the diagnosis of the carcinoma gall bladder and before a radical cholecystectomy can be planned.

Radical Cholecystectomy Surgery in Pune is done by a transverse abdominal incision. It is a surgery that requires significant skills on part of the surgeon since vital organs are involved.

During Radical Cholecystectomy Surgery in Pune advanced equipment like Thompson's abdominal retractor, advanced energy sources, and instruments like CUSA and Argon Plasma Coagulator are used to achieve precise surgery and adequate hemostasis.

For recovery after radical cholecystectomy, the patient may have to be kept under observation in the Intensive Care Unit and may have to be given higher antibiotics and nutritional support.

Gall bladder cancer is aggressive cancer and radical cholecystectomy, if feasible, offers a good chance of disease control by eradication of the tumor.

Adjuvant Chemo-radiotherapy is commonly administered after radical cholecystectomy for resection of gall bladder cancer.

Dr. Amit Parasnis is a trained Cancer Surgeon in Pune who understands the importance of wide excision of the tumor in oncological completeness of the resection of the malignant tumor at various locations.

Dr. Amit Parasnis is a well-trained and experienced cancer surgeon for Radical Cholecystectomy Surgery in Pune who provides rational and ethical treatment for cancer and strives to achieve best oncological outcomes.